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Monday, November 4, 2013

Lapis Marie Cheese

I tried this recipe last weekend. Bawak untuk potluck mini reunion ASTOPUNK'94. Dah 22 tahun aku tak jumpa geng aku ni.

Anyway, first time buat and aku tak whipped the cream dulu.... silap method sudah tapi tetap licin ok! Hihihihi....

Ni gambar yang aku buat.

1 packet Marie biscuit
1 packet Chocolate Marie biscuit
300ml whipping cream, I used the one that is at least 30% fat content
250g Philadelphia Cheese, at room temperature
250g condensed milk....or you can add to your liking
shreaded Kraft Cheddar Cheese
Preferably a loose bottom cake tin....I didn't have one in Ayer Baloi, so I used a 7 inch square cake tin

1. Whisk cheese, until creamy, add whipping cream and condensed milk, continue to whisk until well incorporated and creamy.
2.Pour a cup of cream and cheese mix, even out at the bottom of cake tin.
3.Arrange Marie Biscuit, and cover those parts entirely by breaking the biscuits.
4.Next pour cream and cheese mix.
5.Arrange Chocolate Marie Biscuit, and cover parts not covered entirely by breaking the biscuits...
6. do that and so on and so forth, but make sure that the last party is the cheese cream mix, and before you chill the cake, shread some Kraft Cheddar Cheese on top of the cake.
7.Chill overnight.....

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sayang kata it's a pre-requisite to become his wife. kena tahu masak sebab dia suka makan kat rumah. so, i just thought it would be great if i could compile all the "nampak cam sedap" resipi from all over the internet.

it is for my personal collection yah. none of it are my original recipes unless stated otherwise ...